Workshop "Īve" as a company was founded in 1992, when combine "Māksla" – one of the best organizations of decorative applied art in the countries of former Soviet Union – was reformed. As you may know, it was an organization that united the best masters of decorative applied art.

The workshop has its origins in 1920's, when it was founded by the prominent Latvian sculptor Kārlis Zāle. Nearly a century ago this has been the workplace for stonecutters who created a monumental art that will remain in the history as an intrinsic part of our cultural identity.
Presently, following the latest trends and development of crafts, the workshop is trying to merge the classical values and the knowledge of previous generations with the possibilities of current technologies. To our partners and customers we offer a wide range of high quality services. "Īve" is a workshop of professional woodcarvers and craftsmen who are specialized in quality performance of complex joinery, such as spiral staircases, handrails, railings, etc.

In our homepage gallery you can see photos of large variety of our products. Here you can find information on exhibitions where our workshop "Īve" has participated recently:
Exhibiton "Table"
"Jānis Poļaks. Woodcarving. Conceptual Design"
Exhibiton "Closet"
A gallery of some works in other exhibitions
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